Serving Size: 4 servings (16 pancakes)

Qty Ingredient
6 eggs
8.5 ouncescorn muffin mix
1 teaspoonsgarlic powder
1 cups1 cup filling (diced ham, taco meat, bacon, sliced mushrooms, diced red and green pepper, minced onion, chopped pepperoni, etc.)
to tastespaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, salsa, sour cream, parmesan cheese, etc.
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What’s a Tortatta? It’s a cross between a corn tortilla and an egg frittata that you can eat a lot of or just a spot of. These are little egg rich corn pancakes filled with foods of whatever flavor (or leftover) you have on hand.

  1. Beat eggs. Stir in muffin mix. Heat skillet until a drop of water sizzles.
  2. Drop 2 tablespoons of mixture onto griddle per tortatta.
  3. Top each with 1 tablespoon of desired filling.  When bubbles appear at edges, turn over and cook until lightly browned.
  4. Remove to plate filled side up. Dollop with desired topping. Repeat with remaining batter.
Hint: Can prepare sweet Tortatta by eliminating the garlic powder.  Fill with chopped apples, nuts and cooked bacon. Top with honey butter or maple syrup.